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Stay Hydrated on Your Travels with CamelBak

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Up to 60% of the adult human body is water. The body needs its water levels constantly replenished in order to keep working efficiently. Sweating, alcohol and air conditioning are all leading causes of dehydration, which is why it’s especially important to stay hydrated when travelling, to combat the long flights, hot climates and higher levels of activity!

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to stay hydrated. It has a long list of benefits, most revolving around keeping your body fit, healthy and in prime condition, including:

  • Refuelling your muscles. Sweating dehydrates your muscles, causing them to get tired. Drinking water allows you to keep active for longer on your travels.
  • Flushing out toxins. Water improves your kidney function so impurities are flushed out of your body quicker. While you’re travelling, this will keep you feeling good and also looking great, as toxins can cause spots; water will help keep your skin clear.
  • Regulating your body temperature. Plenty of water will reduce the chances of you overheating on the beach or the dance floor.
  • Reducing tiredness, as dehydration is one of the main causes of this.
  • Regulating your digestion. Obviously, this one can save you a great deal of discomfort on and flight or while on holiday!
  • Boosting your immune system, making it much more likely that you’ll stay fit, healthy and able to enjoy yourself the whole time you’re away.

Carrying bottles of water around with you everywhere you go can be inconvenient when you’re travelling. They’re often awkward and heavy, especially if you’ve got loads of other baggage weighing you down. No to mention the fact that the water you’re carrying quickly warms up in tropical destinations.

This is where CamelBak Australia can help. Our water bottles are innovatively designed to take away all the inconveniences associated with carrying water. Their self-sealing jet valve technology and angled spouts give you ready access to the amount of water you need, without the risk of spillages, making them ideal for travelling.

Lightweight and with large capacities, CamelBak’s water bottles feature specially designed handles, allowing a litre of water to be carried comfortably, which is particularly convenient when you’re on the go. There’s a bottle to suit all purposes, including bottles that filter tap water, and insulated bottles to keep your water cooler for longer, which will come in especially handy if you’re travelling in hot climates. The kids needn’t be left out either, with bottles specifically designed for small fingers. They’re easy and safe to operate, and easy to clean.

Find out which CamelBak water bottle received a write-up from Bupa Travel Insurance in their article ‘Survive a Long Flight with These Top Travel Accessories’

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