Cleaning Tablets 8 Pack One size Black

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Cleaning Tablets 8 Pack

Keep your reservoir and water bottles free from taste and odour and ready for your next adventure with our CamelBak cleaning tablets. Each pack contains 8 cleaning tablets, which are notched to easily break in half for cleaning smaller vessels.


Self-dissolving tablets help reduce residual taste and odour
Specifically designed for CamelBak reservoirs and water bottles
Tabs are notched to break in half for cleaning smaller vessels
Tablets leave no odour, film, or residue
Free from chlorine, phosphate, preservatives, and fragrances
Environmentally safe and biodegradable
Not harmful to aquatic environments
No irritating fumes
Formulated with Claro, a leader in eco-friendly cleaning solutions


  Cleaning Tablets 8 Pack One Cleaning Tablets 8 Pack size
Size One size
Weight 10g
BPA/BPG/BPF free Yes
Gender Unisex