Kellie Angel

Ultra Trail Runner & Mum of Two

Kellie Angel

Ultra Trail Runner & Mum of Two

Meet Kellie Angel, a semi-professional trail runner who embodies resilience and determination both on and off the trails. Balancing the demands of her athletic pursuits with the complexities of everyday life, Kellie's unwavering commitment serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of women.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, her story reminds us of the power and perseverance that define womanhood.

In Conversation

As a professional athlete, you've undoubtedly faced various challenges throughout your career. Can you share one particular obstacle you've overcome and how it has shaped you both as an athlete and personally?

Firstly, I’m going to add the word ‘semi’. I think the biggest challenge of being a semi-pro athlete is the juggle of life! In a minority sport such as trail running, it is difficult to make a living running trails. Which means you need to have a separate job and work really hard to give yourself the best opportunities, be able to travel the world and compete in the most competitive races.

Throw in many hours of training, and a couple of kids, and the juggle can be difficult. Sleep and recovery are often the last priority.

I couldn’t do it without a really supportive, understanding husband! But I also think that the juggle gives me balance, it gives me different things to focus on and keeps it real.

Role models often play a significant role in shaping our aspirations and guiding us on our journey. Can you share with us who has been a source of inspiration or a role model for you in your career?

I’ve never really been a ‘fan girl’ type, but as a new mum, I think we are really lucky in this era to have so many amazing mum athletes to look up to, particularly in the marathon space. Jess Stenson, Ellsy Wellings, Sinead Diver, Lisa Weightman, Gen Gregson - they’re all killing it! It’s so exciting and it shows that our athletic careers aren’t over just because we're mums or we’re over the age of 40. I’ve still got many years left ahead!

I also really admire people like Sophie Power (who you may recognise from famous photo breastfeeding her baby in the middle of UTMB). She has started ‘She Races’ and is such a great advocate for women in our sport.

Representation and inclusivity in sports have become increasingly important topics. How do you see the landscape changing for women in trail running, and what steps do you believe can be taken to encourage more women to pursue the trails?

I belong to the Women’s Equality group within the PTRA (Pro Trail Runner’s Association). The group have done some fantastic work in this space, including the introduction of pregnancy deferral policies for races, ensuring maternity leave is considered in pro athlete contracts, and pushing towards greater female representation on the trails, including greater media exposure- You can’t be what you can’t see- as Chloe Dalton (The female athlete project) will often say! There is still a lot to be done in this space.

For example, last year at the World Trail & Mountain Running Championships the media coverage was next level! But the filming stopped after the 4th woman had crossed the line. Not good enough. I think we need great visible role models for girls, varying race distances for women to choose from, safe spaces to train (including more female training groups or groups willing to support and encourage women), and support people who provide time for women to train and get active.

Hydration is key for any athlete, especially for someone like you who participates in rigorous outdoor activities. How do you prioritise hydration in your training regimen, and what tips do you have for those who may struggle to stay adequately hydrated during their workouts or adventures?

Hydration is important! I carry around an Eddy+ 0.75L with me every day, all day so that water is always accessible. If I’ve done a hard workout or it is a little warmer than usual, I will opt for some BIX electrolytes in addition to water. And if I am going out for a long adventure in the mountains, I will make sure I have researched options to refill my Quick Stow flasks on the trail or ensure that I carry extra if I know there is no clean water available.

The LifeStraw Eddy’s are also a great option for hiking/fast packing if you’re unsure about the water- I’m looking forward to a soft flask option one day though!

Women's Day is about celebrating the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. What message would you like to share with fellow female athletes or aspiring athletes on this special day, particularly regarding empowerment, resilience, and pursuing one's passions?

Women are SO strong! But not all women know it or have the means to prove what they’re capable of. We need to encourage each other to get out and get active and provide safe spaces to do so. Partners need to step up and provide protected time for women to pursue their passions. I can’t wait until the day that we have equal representation on the start line. There are so many barriers that we can continue to breakdown.


> Australian representative x 5 (Trail and Mountain running World Championships)

> Mum of two boys Atticus (3) & Huxley (18months)

> Occupational Therapist, PhD- currently working on a Department of Health project to reduce waiting times in Community Health

> Running Coach, Endurance Edge – Level 3 Athletics Australia, AURA endorsed

> Hold many records around Victoria and have had competitive results internationally including 5xtop 20 finishes at UTMB events (5th UTMB in 2017), 2nd at Lavaredo 2023

> Most recently won the Grampians Peaks Trail 100 miler in November 2023

> Gearing up for Western States 100 in June this year.

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