Women's M.U.L.E.® 12 3L 12L Blue HazeBlack

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Redesigning to go the distance with you. Our M.U.L.E.® Hydration Backpacks are already MTB’s best friend, but we've updated the classic go-to pack so you're never left trailing behind. Expect the same trusty M.U.L.E.® with key features designed specifically for a woman’s fit.


Stretch Overflow Pocket: Quickly stash or shed an extra layer
Integrated Carry Pockets: Keep your tools and repair kit organized
Removable Waist Strap: Added stability when you need it
Air Support™ Back Panel: Designed with Body Mapping Technology to allow for maximum ventilation on the hottest areas of your back
Magnetic Tube Trap: Keeps your tube secure and accessible when you need it
Helmet Carry: Stow and secure helmet


  Women's M.U.L.E.® 12 3L 12L
Size 12L
Weight 700g