Women's Chase™ Bike Vest 1.5L 1.5L Black-Mint

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Women's Chase™ Bike Vest 1.5L

The Women's Chase™ Bike Vest was designed to give hydration to fearless female riders. Redesigned with lightweight, breathable materials and a comfortable all-day fit. Tailored to fit female frames, the s-curved shoulder harness is specifically contoured to fit a woman's body for added comfort and stability.


3D Vent Mesh Harness: Lightweight and breathable with added cargo. Designed for all-day comfort
Integrated Tool Organization: Keep your CO2 cartridges, patch kits and more right where you can find them
Easy Access Harness Pockets: Quickly grab your phone and essentials
Sits Above Jersey Pockets: For all-day rides where every bit of storage is needed
Secure Zippered Pocket: Perfect for bike tools or other essentials
Dual Adjustable Sternum Straps: Offers a range of adjustments for a custom fit and increased stability
Reflectivity: For low light safety
Stretch Overflow Pocket: Quickly stash or shed an extra layer
Elastic Pump Loop
Women's Specific Fit: Our women's vests utilize body mapping technology for a tailored fit and enhanced cooling. S-curved shoulder harness is contoured to fit a woman's body for added comfort and stability. Vest shape is thoughtfully designed with a woman's torso in mind.


  Women's Chase™ Bike Vest 1.5L 1.5L
Size 1.5L
Material 9%Woven Nylon, 29%Woven Poly, 50%Knitted Nylon, 12%Knitted Poly
Weight 450g
Gender Unisex